10 Struggles of a Tall Girl

Being tall is usually envied by a lot of girls. Only a few have been blessed with a height that is above the average. However, being a tall girl is not only about the benefits. You have to know that there are also life struggles every tall girl goes through. Here are a few of them:

  1. Sometimes showers can get shorter than you are. You had a long day and all you wanted is to take a quick shower to relax your body; however, you end up struggling to wash your hair because you are basically taller than the shower.


  1. Have you ever been asked about your height over and over again? People are always wondering how tall you are and you get tired answering the same questions. People tend to do this because you left them wondering how in the world you get so tall.


  1. You’re excited to buy a new pair of jeans. But then, every pair that you will try on is too short for you. You get tired of looking for the perfect pair of denims with the right fit and length for you. A lot of brands are only targeting the average height; therefore, you end up with limited options.


  1. Flats are your bestfriends. With your staggering height, you are not allowed to wear heels anymore as it can be considered as a fashion crime. So, you just end up with a lot of flats to flaunt every single day.


  1. You love seeing yourself in the mirror; however, all you can see is your neck down your body. This is because you surpass the height of your washroom mirror. You really need to adjust so you can fully make use of your mirror.


  1. Imagine taking a group photo with your family or friends and you end up getting cut from the picture just because you are too tall. So, again, you’ll adjust your position just so you can fit perfectly on the photo.


  1. One of the biggest struggle every tall girl faces is having a taller partner. Of course, almost all of the ladies want a man who is taller as it creates a notion of being safe. This is also the reason why some men hesitate pursuing the girl because of the awkward height difference.


  1. It’s always an awkward moment for you when you are with your shorter peers. You always stand out from the crowd because of your height. You’re the first person they could see among the sea of people. This is the reason why sometimes, you prefer sitting down to normalize the height.


  1. Sometimes you find it difficult to ride public transport. These vehicles are usually designed for people with average height; therefore, you end up slouching just to fit into the backrest of their seats.


  1. Ceilings are your greatest enemies just because your head touches them most of the time. Entering a house or any structure with low ceiling is a huge struggle for you. So you need to bow down just so you can fit inside.


These are just some of the few struggles tall girls face every day. However, whether you are short or tall, you need to be proud of yourself. Embrace your body and be confident no matter what.


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