10 Things to Prove You’re a Genuine Biker


Your bike is considered as your gateway to new places. It is the key that will lead you to the exploration of new discoveries and experiences. Ask a guy who has a bike and he will be able to tell impressive tales of owning one. For them, it is one way of achieving real happiness and it already serves as an amazing self-extension. They are considered as real bikers and here are 10 more things to help you understand the feeling.

  1. You have mastered the art of weather reading.

Of course, when going out on a trip with your bike, you have to ensure that the weather is on its perfect condition. From your area to your destination, you need to ensure that the weather is conducive for your trip.

  1. The unexplainable feeling of riding your new bike.

Every time you get to have a new item that you really want, you can’t help but feel a little bit high about it. The feeling of happiness mixed with contentment is something different for you. Something is really tugging them to try it immediately.

  1. The happiness you can get when you’re alone with your bike.

Being alone is not a happy feeling for most people. However, when guys get some alone time with their bike, it’s a new type of happiness for them. You will get the chance to rediscover yourself, especially during those long road trips.

  1. The curiosity you get from your family and friends.

Yes, you’re neither depressed nor lonely, but you like to spend some time alone for a week or two of road trip. This will raise questions from your family and friends. What they don’t understand is that you really enjoy traveling with your bike, exploring new places.

  1. Your smile whenever you see kids waving at you.

There’s this kind of uplifting happiness when you pass by kids waving and smiling at you as you pass by. You just can’t help but smile back, an ice breaker for the long road ahead.

  1. The rare chance to witness something spectacular.

When you’re alone and on the road, you can feel and see some of the most amazing things that others don’t get to experience. These rare moments are so precious that they can make your journey more meaningful.

  1. You get to take a break in the middle of an unfamiliar place.

When you get tired of driving, you can get some rest on the nearest stop. Most of the time, these places are unfamiliar to you; therefore you get the chance to explore more and try something new to eat.

  1. You get to meet new friends.

Along the way, you will meet people who will be able to guide you on your journey. They may stop to warn you about some incidents on the road ahead. Some may even give a ride for you and your bike if you are too tired to drive.

  1. Camping in the middle of nowhere is the best.

When you intend to spend the night somewhere before heading out again to continue your journey, most of the time, you go for a camp. You simply pitch your tent out and spend the night for some alone time.

  1. Speed is out of the question.

Your journey is not about how fast you have reached your destination. Rather, it’s about the experience you have acquired on the way.

You’re a real biker if you have somehow understood or felt these things. You will be more motivated to try some more new experiences on your next ride.[:]

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