5 Places to Explore in Japan

[:en]Japan brags to be one of the most sought travel destinations all over the world. Aside from the fast-paced technology, this country also embodies cultural heritages, thrilling adventures and breathtaking landscapes. So, if you make travel plans in Japan, make sure to include these amazing places in your itinerary.

  1. Mount Fuji

Considered as the icon of Japan, Mount Fuji should be included on your list of must-visit places in Japan. It brags to be the highest mountain in the country, flaunting its perfect cone. No matter which angle you would want to photograph it, you will still get a breathtaking shot. Apart from its natural beauty, Mount Fuji is also a holy mountain alongside Tateyama and Hakusan Mountains. You can enjoy the view of the mountain anytime of the year; however, if you want to witness its best appeal, you can visit it during the winter season.

  1. Ginza, Tokyo

Ginza is the business district of Japan, and you’ll miss out a lot if you don’t get to explore this place during your tour. This is Tokyo’s downtown and the home to numerous culinary technology, shopping center and entertainment facilities. Indulge on numerous restaurants and food hub and let your taste buds explore possibilities. Be a fashionista with the different boutiques and shops around. The city is so huge that you will surely have a lot of shopping options.

  1. Himeji Castle

Also popular by the name White Heron Castle, the Himeji Castle is one of the most visited places in Japan. Furthermore, it has been included in the list of UNESCO as one of the numerous world heritage sites. Along with the other twelve castles in the country, this is carefully kept in its original condition to preserve its appeal. As a matter of fact, the beauty of this castle and its landscape has been featured on the 1967 film “You Only Live Twice”.

  1. Hiroshima Peace Memorial

One of the most controversial destinations in Japan is the Hiroshima Peace Memorial; however it’s the perfect place to get to know the deeper meaning of the country. The Atomic Bomb Dome or A-Bomb Dome has undergone numerous hearings before becoming a memorial site since a lot of western countries have objected the process. This place serves as a commemorative place for the people who died during the atomic bomb attack in 1945.

  1. Niseko, Hokkaido

Visiting Japan during the winter season is a great opportunity to enjoy skiing. In this case, the Niseko ski resort, situated in Hokkaido, is one of the most visited resorts in the country. A lot of skiers and boarders take some time off to enjoy the various activities offered by Niseko. The light-powdered snow along the vast area is great in accommodating a lot of skiers. You need not to bring your own equipment as there are rental booths available in the area.

Japan has a lot more to offer other than the five places listed above. Just make sure that before visiting the country, you have planned your itinerary carefully so you can maximize the fun. Japan is a country of diverse experiences that you definitely won’t miss exploring about.[:]

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