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Best Books for Young Children to Learn About Empathy

According to PopSugar, one of the most important responsibilities for parents is to teach their children about empathy. Due to unfiltered exposure of hate speech, cyberbully, intolerance, and bigotry, children can easily absorb and learn from these exposure. This is why we must teach our children about kindness, compassion, and understanding of others.

In 2010, University of Michigan had found that college studies were 40% less empathetic than their counterparts 30 years ago. Our generation is also showing an increase levels of narcissism which may be one of the reasons why we (as a society) care less.

It is recommended that we must be proactive to reach our children about empathy at an early page. Here are some of the classic children books that can help your children to learn about compassion and understanding: 20 Must-Have Classic Children’s Books – and When to Introduce Them

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