Are You Certain Your Girlfriend Loves You? Check this Out!


It is an inevitable fact that you may argue or have a fight with your girlfriend. These quarrels may range from petty fights to serious ones. It is also true that a girlfriend tends to argue with you and be competitive with you; however, if she surprisingly is very quiet or avoids the argument, then there might be something wrong. You may be seeing this situation as a means of agreement or respect, you may overlook the possibility that she’s hiding from you.

  1. She should be talking with you.

If your girlfriend tends to be quiet the entire time that you should be exchanging opinions on a certain argument, then perhaps she doesn’t want to give her share about thoughts anymore. This can be a huge problem because she can’t realize the value in being able to exchange thoughts and arguments anymore. This may be a perfect time to talk about the issue.

  1. She preserves her energy.

If you got into a fight with her and she immediately stays silent or gives up on the argument, then this can be a manifestation that she is already giving up on the both of you. She might be thinking that the relationship is not worth fighting for anymore.

  1. You let her voice out her opinions and emotions.

If you are the type of person who doesn’t want her girlfriend to talk back during arguments, then you shouldn’t have gotten a girl in the first place. A lady who cares about you will not hesitate to voice out her thoughts, especially if it’s about your relationship. She will not step back just to protect your ego because she only thinks about the betterment of each side and your relationship.

  1. She is always okay even when situations aren’t so okay.

If the situation tends to be too good to be true, you should think that there’s something wrong behind the real situation. She might be hiding some emotions that she doesn’t want you to know. For instance, you did something wrong and she’s just okay with it, she should at least be angry or worried. She might be slowly drifting away from you.

  1. She is not sharing her stories with you anymore.

If she’s not telling you stories anymore or not nagging you to talk or be with you every now and then, there’s something wrong already. Secrets might be already present, and these could cause problems in the long run.

  1. It takes two to Tango.

In a relationship, it is not proper that only one of you can have a say on things. Both of you must be willing to work on every situation and must be able to voice out your own opinions and suggestions. However, if she is not interested in making decisions with you anymore, then you should talk with her about this issue. You should be able to solve every problem together. Avoid coming to the point where one is being passive.

In the end, the most important thing is to realize that there is an existing problem and know the root of such problem. If things are getting ugly, then both of you should be willing to fix them and do the necessary steps to fight for your love.[:]

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