The Different Types of Couple Fights and How to Tackle Them


With the numerous arguments and fights every couple are facing, did you know that most of these are revolving around similar things? You may feel that you are having a different kind of fight, but according to therapists these arguments are rooted on similar reasons. Here are a few of them and a couple of tips on how you can prevent them from happening again.

  1.  Never-ending Money Issues

Having a joint bank account and shared expenses can cause huge change when you settle down. You will have to talk about financial adjustments with your spouse because both of you are entailed to this responsibility.

If you usually argue about this matter, try using the “yours, mine, ours” method of managing your expenses. This structure will provide you the freedom to organize your own personal expenses while learning how to agree and talk about a shared one

      2. The Gadget Dilemma

With the entire week of work tends to become a 24/7 fight with various emails and phone notifications, a lot of couple has been arguing on putting the phone or gadget down for a little bit.

In order to prevent the arguments from this problem, both sides must be willing to meet in the middle in talking about it. If the gadget is an essential tool at work, then total banishment may not be a good resort. You may set a schedule of using the device or establish some rules regarding it. You can also opt for a more enjoyable option like fun consequences on the one who broke the rule first.

  1. Not enough sex is a real deal.

Considered as one of the most difficult fights to deal with, sex issues mainly revolve around the physical health as well as the stress levels of individuals. According to studies, couples who are not having enough sex may yield high chances of creating conflict and drama.

In order to provide an effective solution, couples may need to have an honest conversation with each other and discuss the possible reasons why there isn’t enough activity between them. Listen to each other and try to come up with a practical solution to the problem.

  1. The Undivided Household Chores

Fighting over the household chores is one of the classics for couples. It may be as shallow as any other petty quarrels; however, when turned into a complicated one may lead to another problem.

Communicate with your partner and list all the tasks you have to accomplish within the day. Rank them up and establish a schedule to follow so that both of you can have their own fair share of doing the chores. You can take turns in doing a specific task; this way both of you can experience the breeze or difficulty of finishing one.

  1. Unappreciated Partner

When one of you felt unappreciated, then expect that conflicts will start to become obvious. The real situation starts when one of you feels like you have to beg for some recognition.

You just need to say it out loud. Your partner is not a mind reader. Perhaps, she is just preoccupied about the things at work and at home that she doesn’t recognize the valuable time you both wish to have. Talking things through will definitely fix this problem and you will be able to rekindle your love for each other.

As a couple, you need to work out things hand in hand. The commitment and love for each other are enough reasons to figure out your differences and work things out about your relationship.[:]

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