Dubai The Paradise In Desert

When ever we visit abroad , if there is chance to visit via Dubai , we simply don’t miss . I guess , it became the connecting destination for traveler around the world.

Pinnacle of luxury lifestyle

Dubai is said by many to be the pinnacle of luxury lifestyle, I mean extravagant living. You might have heard a lot or seen a lot pictures of Dubai and all its  fun places from the  media and all that but you will agree with me that even all that doesn’t bring you satisfaction, rather it brings anxiety and anticipation.

Anxiety and Anticipation, that was all I felt before I visited Dubai, it was actually worse while I was on the plane. Well I got to Dubai and I was completely astonished yes, life there is just different, the tourist attraction sites there are completely different from anywhere I have ever visited and trust me, I have visited a lot of places.

There are so many attraction sites in Dubai and since I have visited Dubai more than once I think I have seen a lot.One of the best places to check out while in Dubai is the famous fountain. That place is awesome, it is basically a fountain that is kind of timed, so the water pumps out and makes  several beautiful patterns  every once in a while, it is truly a site to be hold.


The Safari desert

If you are visiting Dubai, your next stop should be the Safari desert, you could contract the service or tour guide and they would basically take you to the Oman border where you would special vehicles , am talking SUVs that would convey you into the desert, it is absolutely thrilling, you see the vehicles struggle through the desert is absolutely hilarious, then you are taken to some place where you could just chill-take drinks, tattoos, dance and even some magical performances. This is expected to take some 5-6 hours of your day with great dinner.

There’s also the Marina walk, the very sight of it is just something else, you would see the sky scrapers luxury Yatch and at night the whole place just comes alive, the lights and everything is just a beauty of its own.

There is also the yellow boat cruise, where a line of speed boats which is said to accommodate about 5-8 people caries you through the water at incredible speed, its not the speed, it is the view, you get to see a lot, you see Dubai from another side, for me, it was very educate and enlightening.

The Dubai Mall

The Dubai Mall, this is a very luxurious mall,I am talking architecture and content, the mall is magnificent and very large so large you cant get in all the compartments in just one day, yes you cant get through over 1200 shop right, there you would also see the worlds largest aquarium you would totally love it. Personally I would advise you visit The Dubai Mall on your first day, that way you get to see the beautiful scenery and you could call it an introduction to the luxury that city has to offer.

Burj Khalifa

I can end this piece without talking about the Burj Khalifa, you must have heard of it, but if you haven’t seen it live then you wouldn’t know that it is extraordinary.

The Burj Khalifa is the tallest building in the world, with 124 floors, they even allow tourist to visit the very top floor, fro there you will get to see the whole of Dubai , it is pretty amazing. You can only enter the Burj Khalifa through the Dubai Mall and  and from there you can observe pretty all of City.

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