Emergency 911 Philippines Will Be Operational Starting August 1!

Emergency 911 Philippines: Was there a time when you had to report an accident but didn’t know the police hotline number? Was someone you know in danger yet you couldn’t find the nearest hospital’s number in the directory because of panic? Worry no more. Starting August 1, Hotline 911, an emergency telephone number, will become operational nationwide.

The hotline number is a result of President Rodrigo Duterte’s order for a quick action/help for every Filipino in times of distress.

During his term as former Davao City mayor, the city created a Central Communications and Emergency Response Center, or what we know today as Davao City Central 911.

The hotline works 24/7, manned by people who act like call center agents – taking calls and reports.

These staff then verify the reports, and refer these to nearest proper authorities (e.g. police, hospital) for them to take proper actions.

If you see an accident or in an emergency situation, all you need to dial is Emergency “911” Philippines.

In a visit to Davao City recently, I and some journalists went to Davao Central 911 as part of the Department of Tourism’s Davao familiarization tour. My colleagues tried to make a call, just to test if the hotline really works.

It operates through coordinative approach to address concerns on crime, terrorism, traffic, health, emergency services and disaster risk reduction through using information, technology and intelligent solutions.

When in an emergency situation in Davao, all it takes is to dial 911 and rest assured that there is someone to help.

The tour, of course, was for us to have a glimpse of how it works. But Davao Central 911 was one of the reasons why we appreciate how the local government takes care of its people. Indeed, 911 was created to provide protection, security, safety and risk management to Davaoeños.

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