Extend the Life of Your Denims with These Amazing Tips


Denim jeans are definitely a man’s best friend. They’re considered as staple clothing in any wardrobe. The reality is that no number of denim jeans can surpass the contentment of a man because after boxers, they’re the favourite.

Denims can range into various styles- from the traditional straight cut to slim fit; denims can vary on sizes, shapes and styles. In this case, the reality is that denims are obviously an indispensable type of clothing today. So, buying a pair of jeans means you want it to last a lifetime. Having your favourite choices will mean that you will absolutely do anything to take care of them.

To help you in prolonging the lifespan of your favourite denim, here are some of the tips you can take into consideration:

  1. Avoid washing them too often.

Denim jeans are fabricated in a way that they don’t get dirty that easily. The fabric is also sturdy enough to resist too much dirt or stain. Therefore, you won’t need to wash them after wearing. It is advisable that you wash your jeans after 3 to 6 wears, but fewer when stains become visible or the knee part becomes baggy. Other than that, simply hang them after wearing.

  1. Wash them using cold water instead of warm.

Cold water can do the trick of making the color of your jeans stay intact. Warm water may melt the color and cause it to fade easily. It also expands the material and therefore, you’ll end up with loose and baggy pair of jeans, instead of a firm and hugging one.

  1. Hand wash your jeans to make it look brand new always.

Hand washing instead of the machine wash will prolong the life of your denim jeans as well. Machine can do some minor damages to the fabric, therefore, reducing its lifespan. Through hand washing, you can control the pressure, thus, lessening the risk of being damaged. Remember, no matter how durable denim fabric is, when subjected to certain pressure can cause damage to it.

  1. Wash them inside out to prevent fading.

The color of your denim will easily fade when exposed to detergents and strong water pressure. So, in order to prevent this from happening, turn them inside out before washing. Also, try not to soak or wash them too much. Having them inside out will also give you an easier way of get rid of the dirt accumulated in the fabric.

  1. Avoid torturing them by air drying instead of machine drying.

Denims’ weakest point is when they’re exposed to too much heat. So, give them some mercy by hanging them for air dry instead of throwing them into the machine. Yes, this will dry out your jeans easily, but I bet they’d only last for a couple of months if you continuously do this.

  1. Distilled vinegar can work wonders on your denims.

Adding a half cup of distilled vinegar to the last cycle of your laundry will help maintain the color of your dark pairs. The natural ingredients of the vinegar will work its magic of making the color stay intact without causing too much damage to your jeans. If you do this often you will make your jeans look brand new every time.

  1. Avoid stuffing your pockets.

In order to prevent your jeans from sagging, you need to give a little respect to the pockets. Avoid putting too much things in them.

Take care of your denim jeans, especially your favourite pairs by following these tips.[:]

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