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How Sleep Will Save You Money On Beauty Products

Did you know that when you get enough sleep, your body has the ability to repair itself? The reason why it can your skin can repair itself is because sleep boosts blood flow, produces collagen, and reduces stress hormones.

According to an article written by Dermatologists Lily Talakoub, MD and Naissan O. Wesley MD, there are many negative effects of sleep deprivation. “The most clinically apparent ones – swollen, sunken eyes; dark circles; and pale, dehydrated skin – are obvious . . . Sleep deprivation affects wound healing, collagen growth, skin hydration, and skin texture.”

Get your beauty rest tonight and these are some of the skin ailments you may not see for a long time according to

  1. Dry skin: The collagen produced during sleep will increase blood flow and work to keep your skin moisturized and soft.
  2. Wrinkles: Again, that collagen works wonder on your skin. Get lots of sleep now, and you’re less likely to see too many wrinkles as you age.
  3. Puffy eyes: That under-eye swelling and puffiness is the first thing most of us notice after poor sleep. A good eight hours of REM sleep will keep those bags in check.
  4. Poor complexion: Your skin will glow if it’s well-rested. Your body’s improved circulation during sleep keeps nutrients flowing and prevents your skin from looking drab and colorless.
  5. Weak hair: Just like with your complexion, your hair can look fuller and healthier from the nutrients brought to hair follicles during sleep.
  6. Skin conditions: OK, sleep is not magical enough to eliminate all skin conditions. But acne, eczema, or skin sensitivity are always aggravated by sleep deprivation.

Did you know? You may respond better to skincare and beauty products with well-rested skin and it may delay the sign of aging skin.

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