How to Be Healthy Role Model for Your Child

As parent, you are the most influential person on your child . You can try different things to help your child to develop a healthy eating habits and stay fit rest of their life.

  1. Always lead by Example

Try eating vegetable, fruits and whole grains with meals. Let your child know how much you like and enjoy eating them. Never waste food especially in front of them.

  1. Go grocery shop together.

Grocery shopping help your child to learn about the foods, nutrition, protein, fats. Speak with them while shopping and help him/her understand the reason behind buying the different kind of foods.

  1. Involve your child in Kitchen.

Ask for help while cooking in the kitchen. Ask for different shape and answer their queries while cooking. Make them to trial some food or invent some snacks. Can explain to make some low fat and low sugar mixes.

  1. Try Same food for whole family.

Don’t try different food for different person in a family to please every body. Prepare healthy food and avoid high sugar, cold drinks, candy etc. Try new healthy foods.  Offer choice of different healthy options for dinner or lunch. Discuss about the benefits of healthy diet with out lecturing them.

  1. Rewards with hug and kisses.

Rewards kids with hug and kisses. Let them enjoy the food and do not force to complete every time if some thing left over. Try the meals stress free. Small meals with interval would be  ideal.

  1. Switch off the electronics.

Switch off the TV , computer while having diner or lunch .  Listen to your child. Ask about all the good thing about the day. Switch your mobile phone to silent mode.Limit the TV or computer time to couple of hours in day.Discuss about theirs favorite sports  and payers .

  1. Encourage for physical activities.

Ask your child about the outdoor games they would love. Join with them with their outdoor activities. If possible, ask them to join some sports club or dance classes which they would like. Bicycle riding would be a good exercise. Set a example by being physically active.

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