Kids Books Encourage Kindness Towards Others

Kids Books Encourage Kindness Towards Others

Kindness is considered as one of the most important traits to teach kids. Parents and guardians should be the role models in promoting kindness; however, children also need an enjoyable way of leaning this trait. In this case, these books will help kids in adapting to the trait in the most creative and engaging way.

1. A Sick Day for Amos McGee

Written by Phillip Stead and Illustrated by Erin Stead, this book goes around the story of a zookeeper who managed to be good friends with all the animals. He makes it a point that he spends enough time for each of the animals to do what they like. However, one day, he became sick and all the animals have decided to visit him.

The story highlights how kindness towards others can be repaid. The animals have taken care of the zookeeper when he needs them. This is essential in showing children the relevance of continual kindness.

  2. Last Stop in Market Street

The story by Matt Dela Pena is about a young boy named CJ as well as his grandmother. They were on their way home one day and CJ kept on asking questions about everything and everyone. His grandmother patiently answers all the questions until it is their turn to step out of the bus as they arrived on a soup kitchen where they volunteer.

With the numerous questions raised by CJ, it is undeniably incredible that his grandmother responded in a way that every answer shows empathy towards others. This story is a great reminder for children to become open-hearted and kind to other people.

3. Have You Filled A Bucket Today?

This book that is written by Carol Mcloud is about the idea of having an “invisible bucket”. This bucket is aimed to be filled with good emotions and thoughts about their own self and the others. On the other hand doing some kindness, you are actually helping someone fill up their own bucket.

The story is a visual and engaging way to illustrate the relevance of kindness. The social interactions portrayed in the story shows how they can be of negative or positive effect to others. Furthermore, this will be a great way to show kids how they can develop empathy to other people.

4. Horton Hears A Who

This famous story by Dr. Seuss follows the story of an elephant that accidentally discovered a tiny community that is located on a speck of a dust particle. Horton’s big ears make him the only one who can hear the creatures in the community. Even though Horton has been made a laughing stock by the others, he still stands by his belief on the community.

Despite the bullying he received, Horton did the right thing and never gave up. This book advocates being a voice for people who can’t stand up for themselves.

5. The Invisible Boy

Trudy Ludwig narrates the story about a boy named Brian, who never makes too much noise at all. Brian felt as if he’s invisible because the other kids have captured the attention of their teacher due to their loudness and the others have their own friends. However, as soon as a new kid arrived at school, he eventually makes Brian feel not as invisible anymore.

This story portrays the different personalities of children. Some may be quiet and some are outgoing. So, it is important to practice kindness to all types of kids and encourage them to participate in every activity.

These are just five of the numerous books you can read with your kids so as to encourage and promote kindness towards others.

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