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Long Distance Relationships : Reasons Why They’re Worth the Miles


A lot of couples nowadays are engaged in a long distance relationship. You may be wondering why they have to go through so much when they can just easily find a partner in the area. Well, the truth is, people in this kind of relationship have their own goal of making everything work. Here are few of the reasons why being in a long distance relationship is worth the miles.

  1. You talk things through.

Upon entering in a long distance relationship, you get to talk about relevant things. You need to know what each other expects or wants from the other and figure out every possibility that may happen along the way.

  1. You get to explore new places.

With the distance between the two of you, you will have the reason to travel to places. Plus, you aren’t limited to just traveling to her area, instead, you can meet halfway and explore new cities together. This is also one way of rediscovering yourself and each other as well.

  1. You tend to miss her, badly.

Living apart will make you feel that you really miss her, which tends to be more valuable than just simply saying that you miss her. It’s that feeling of wanting her to be with you at a very spectacular moment in your life or the moment of feeling the urge to kiss or hug her.

  1. You make time more valuable.

The nature of your relationship revolves around meeting each other once a month or so. Therefore, you will realize the true value of time together. In this case, you will be able to spend some quality moments before you both part ways again.

  1. You get to have your own space.

Couples who become obsessed with each other often find themselves being lost within the relationship. This never happens in a long distance relationship because you will always have time to be yourself.

  1. You became an expert at corny stuff.

When you’re far from each other, you tend to go over the moon just to make her feel special and loved. Even if these things involve a few dose of corny stuff. You simply aim to see her smile and make her happy.

  1. You communicate from the heart.

With the miles separating the two of you, the only option is to talk over the phone or thru the internet. Nothing is more important that keeping your communication so you can catch up with each other every now and then, plus increase your respect with each other’s voices.

  1. You fall in love surprising her.

The constant drive to do something special for her will be a reminder for both of you that you are special to each other. With these little things, you are showing her that you truly care and that she is on your mind always.

  1. More than the physical affection.

As contrast to other relationships where sex is the climax of any romantic moment, long distance relationships tend to be different. The distance between the two of you will make you realize that there are more relevant things other than the physical affection.

  1. You increase your patience.

With long distance relationship you will learn to master the art of being patient. You will have to wait for some time to build up the excitement and anticipation to be with her again.

  1. First time in forever.

Every time you see each other feels like the first time. This means that the romantic feeling will never get old and you will fall in love over and over again with her.

  1. You will be a master planner.

You will learn to organize your schedules to spend some time with her. You also tend to watch your time so you can talk to her.

  1. You will become an independent person.

You will not rely on her all the time. You will learn to live life on your own while keeping your relationship with her as strong as possible.

  1. A stronger relationship is at hand.

No matter how many arguments and insecurities may arise over time, you will still choose to hold on because you have built a strong foundation.

Not all relationships are the same. Long distance ones are somewhat special. The choice of making it work will become valuable in the future.[:]

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