New York City Make You Crazy

New York is one of the best places in the world and having the opportunity to visit New York was a dream come true. I couldn’t help but notice that New York was a tourist hub, there were so many people and the city, oh the city was magnificent, I mean so beautiful. It had so many tall buildings, the night view of New York is just on another level, no wonder Jay Z referred to NYC as the city of lights, it is so bright at night and the light makes the city look alive even in the darkest hours. You can book city bus for day or night ride and its worth spending .

Many people don’t know that New York has certain cultures, one of those cultures is the Cup Cake culture, New Yorkers really love to eat, I mean eat a lot, so I wasn’t surprise, I enjoyed the cupcakes from one of New York’s finest bakeries, you would realize that they have a lot of good bakeries in the place and they are all worth trying.

There is also the museum, New York has a lot of museum for a modern city, well, I guess it shows that the people know and remember where they are coming from, and they always want that memory to continue from generation to generation. I had the pleasure of visiting just three museums and they were the Museum of Modern Art, the metropolitan museum and the Brooklyn museum,  I also learn that there were others which were recognized both locally and internationally. I really enjoyed the museum experience, it was enlightening as well as educative, and while some may find it as some boring tour, people like me who are well read and very inquisitive know that this is  unique privilege.

Next was the winery, and I tell you, it was wow, New York has some great wine centers and when I say wine am not talking of wines that are cheap or easy to get, these wines are exclusive and I could say extinct, imagine a wine produced in the 1900s, oh yes those were the kind of stuff that I saw in New York, I particular loved the Red Hook winery.

There is statue of liberty , you can visit by boat simply great . One of the oldest Macy’s center is at down town . Its shopper’s paradise . We went to Empire State building , the tallest building in New York . The night vision from the top simply amazing . Times Square make you feel as if you are in different zone all together.

New York is so beautiful, so nice and so blessed that you would get the best out of the city by just walking down the streets, I would tell you why. Many of the tourist attraction centers or sites are located on the streets yes like the bridges, if you have ever gone to the great city of New York and have walked down  the Brooklyn bridge ,then you would completely agree with me. I mean the view was exceptional, the bridge as I said is a huge tourist attraction site and is best visited by tourist and for this reason is sometimes highly populated and very crowded.

I am well travelled and I can tell you that the wonders of New York are to a very great deal un matched and un rivaled by many, this city is simply put Beautiful and if you have visited this city you really need to, and I can assure you, you are going to love it.

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