From Old to New : Transforming Your Suits


It is undeniably true that men enjoy wearing suits rather than anything else. The elegant and crisp suits give every masculine body a different kind of experience and confidence. For the men who wear suits every single day for work and business purposes, you might be collecting a pile of old suits. As soon as the glamour of the suit fades out, your tendency is to stock it in your cabinets and just buy a new one. Why not save your money and revamp your old suits to make them look brand new?

Here are some of the tips you can consider to transform your suits into brand new ones without breaking your bank:

  1. Get your priorities straight, fitting is the most important thing.

Have your suits be well-fitted on your current body shape and size. Doing some alterations to your old suits is the first thing you need to do. The suit must hug your shoulder blades, slimming down is one of the best ways. Lapels and sleeves should be slimmed down to form your figure. The length of your pants should touch the top of your shoes. Finally, the cuffs must end above the wrist hinges and the shirt cuff should appear about half an inch.

  1. Repair loose threads right away.

Your suit should undergo repairs, if there are any, before having them dry-cleaned. Check if there are hanging buttons, loose threads and/or stains present on your suit and act on them immediately. You have to make your suit free of possible damage before you can use them again.

  1. Suits are meant for dry cleaning only.

Your old suits deserve a makeover and in this case, get them all out for some dry cleaning time. Avoid washing your suits the normal way as this will give further damage to the fabric. Search for the best dry cleaning service in town and bring them all there for some intervention.

  1. Time for changing the buttons.

If you want a brand new look for your suits, try changing their buttons. Look for the designs that are currently setting the trend and swap them with the old ones. A surprising change will be up for you if you do this. A brand new feel for your suit is absolutely waiting for you.

  1. Add some edgy accessories to create a whole new vibe.

Accessories can make or break the overall look of your suits. You can go over numerous types, sizes and designs of pocket square, cuff links, ties and lapel pins. Choose your desired color, pattern and from there, you can actually feel the change embodied by your old suits. Also, normal accessories like watches can also complement the look.

These are just some of the easiest ways on how you can give your old suits a new feeling. You can explore the options according to your fashion taste and preference. You can also seek help from your friends or professionals. In the end, you can look stylish without spending too much.[:]

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