Online Dating : 10 Mistakes You Need to Stop Doing

On Line Dating


We’re currently living in a world where friendships and romantic relationships can be created between mobile devices and internet connections. If you are one of the numerous individuals who are finding new bonds online, then perhaps you are aware of online dating etiquette so you won’t push your potential partner away.

  1. Stop being cryptic.

When posting your profile picture, make sure that you use your solo shot instead of the ones with your friends on it. You don’t want to confuse your potential date or else she might be wooing for guy in the picture.

  1. Stop making novels of your life history.

Women are attracted to mysterious men. Therefore, you don’t want to expose every little detail about you. Allow her to get to know you through her ways, not the way you know yourself or your friends know you.

  1. Stop flooding her inbox.

Make your message as simple as possible if you want to let her know that she’s on your mind. You don’t need to send her messages constantly that you are already flooding her inbox.

  1. Stop abusing her mind with your abbreviation antics.

The current trend of using acronyms, such as LMAO, GTG and BRB may be acceptable. However, if you intentionally shorten words may give her the impression that you don’t know how to spell words. It will always be pleasant to be able to read correctly spelt words.

  1. Stop your aggressive approach.

When you viewed her profile, liked some of her photos or dropped a message for her, that doesn’t mean that she is obliged to talk to you. If she doesn’t feel like talking to you, she won’t. Therefore, you need to stop sending her your one-liners every couple of minutes.

  1. Stop sexting.

Women are looking for a decent guy to talk with. The nature of your conversation will decide where both of you will end up to. You have to know that sex is not yet an option if you want to succeed in online dating.

  1. Stop pretending to be someone you’re not.

Men tend to be aggressive on their approach of impressing a girl. Yes, you can make her admire you with your skills and nature. So, you better stop faking your current status, and just stay natural and let her fall for you with your personality.

  1. Stop misleading women.

If you are just looking for sex, then you should say it immediately. Avoid leading her into something deeper than that when all you wanted to achieve is the act. Women can deal with it so make sure she knows your intention.

  1. Stop the selfie abuse.

Women like it when you initiate a selfie with them. However, too much selfie is really not a cool move. You aren’t competing with someone with the most selfies. Also, having more selfies than your girl is really not acceptable.

  1. Stop being a show-off.

Stop boasting the things you have because they will not make a girl fall for you. Let your date discover the things you have and you as well. Avoid being too proactive in showing off your latest gadgets or cars.

If you want to find someone who will take you seriously in your relationship, you need to just be yourself and let your lady fall in love with you because of you.[:]

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