PH No Longer Stamps Chinese Passports

chinese tourists
NO STAMP. Chinese visitors line up at immigration booths at Ninoy Aquino International Airport in Manila. Photo by Jedwin Llobrera


The Philippines has started implementing the new policy of not stamping Chinese passports with a visa, the Department of Foreign Affairs (DFA) said on Monday, December 3.

“All Chinese passports, old or new, will not be stamped with a visa. The visa will be stamped on a separate sheet of paper,” DFA spokesman Raul Hernandez told reporters.

The Bureau of Immigration, the Philippine Embassy in Beijing, and all consulates in China have already been informed of the new policy, which affects all Chinese travel documents, not only the ones featuring the controversial 9-Dash line map covering most of the South China Sea, including parts claimed by the Philippines and other countries.

The DFA announced on Wednesday, November 28, that the Philippines would refuse to stamp the new e-passports issued by China and instead imprint visas on separate application forms to protest Beijing’s latest move to assert its sovereignty over the South China Sea (West Philippine Sea).



Read more on Rappler. This post was originally posted on December 03, 2012.


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