Reasons Why You Fail At Gaining Muscle Mass


Growing out your muscles is a very tedious job to do. Especially, if you have a full-time job and an entire day to fill with your activities, you will have a difficult time to get bigger. You have to take note that eating a lot every single day and being strict on what you eat is a must. Therefore, if you can’t pack on some muscle gain, you can just fix these errors.

  1. You fail at being conscious on the type and amount of food you are eating.

If you really want to gain a lot, you need to eat more than usual. You have to maintain a heavy calorie meal within the three huge meals per day, but this may not be enough. Make sure that you can consume meals that are rich in protein, healthy fats and carbohydrates as much as six times every single day. Bananas, dairy products, oats, full-fat milk and fruits should always be included in your diet. You must be able to eat every two to three hours. Junk foods are a big no to your consumption as they may be rich in calories, but these calories will only store fats instead of muscle mass.

  1. You fail at consuming pre-workout meals.

These are not about the supplements, rather the proper meals you have to eat before working out. 30 minutes before doing your routine, you need to eat dishes that are rich in protein and carbohydrates. You have to know that protein will easily be absorbed by the body during exercise and not after the routine. You can much on dry fruits or a scoop of oats or even a calorie-rich, full-fat milkshake. Avoid working out with an empty stomach.

  1. You workout every day without the proper intensity.

Shocking your muscles will aid them in their growth; however, they need to recover first before working them out again. Lesser amount of rest means worse recovery process for them and may result in ineffective muscle growth. Furthermore, growing your social interactions in the gym won’t help in obtaining great muscle mass, you have to lessen that. Short breaks in between workouts will continue the momentum of the intensity.

  1. You tend to avoid exercises that you hate.

Working out to gain muscle mass means you also need to go out of your comfort zone so you can explore the many different options to make your goal more attainable. Avoid running away from the routines that you hate. If you want stronger muscles, work for them. However, this doesn’t mean that you should do them all at once. Rather, slowly and steadily, work them out and keep yourself away from your comfort zone. In the end, you will be surprised by how much you have gained.

  1. You consider training as a sacred religion that you are not following through.

Achieving your goal is not a day’s job. You need to have enough doses of patience and undying dedication to make it happen. Stop making excuses as they will not bring you anywhere, rather, perseverance will. You also need to be consistent on your routines and be smart on your choices. You also need to eat healthy and clean. Exert most of your efforts in the gym and work out like there’s no tomorrow. Muscle growth takes patience, and it will show eventually.

Imply the right discipline, patience and dedication and you will surely have impressive muscle gains in the future.[:]

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