Singapore Travel Guide: 5 Romantic Things to Do

[:en]Apart from the fact that traveling to Singapore is perfect for the family, it can also serve as a romantic destination. The friendly weather is perfect for some exciting activities you can do under the sun. If you are traveling with your special someone, here are the top five things you can do with him or her while you’re in Singapore.

  1. Enjoy the romantic sunset cruise towards the Southern Islands.

If you are both into water activities, you can take a cruise to Singapore’s Southern Islands. A bonus of dipping in the lagoons will also make your trip more memorable. Make sure that you book a trip that will cover the spectacular sunset for added romance. After that you can enjoy a quick swim during the dark and just enjoy the lights from the distance.

The night time cruise trips usually last for about four hours; therefore you can still enjoy the amazing view of nature during daylight. This is a perfect escape from the city and you can feel the calmness of the sea and the sky.

  1. Take some time off through a couple’s spa.

Luxurious spas are scattered around Singapore, so you can easily book a romantic date through them. You can relax for a couple of hours with their amenities like body massage, sauna and warm, relaxing showers. This is one of the most rejuvenating experiences especially if you have been on a long day. Make it a point that you confirm a schedule in advance so you can just walk right through and relax.

  1. Pose for an artistic photoshoot.

The perfect remembrance for this trip as well as a documentation of your undying love for each other is through photos. You can spare some time to dress up and pose for some unique photos. With this, you can explore the numerous scenic locations and be able to capture some of the most amazing shots both of you can have. Just be comfortable with the presence of each other and you will be surprised with the results.

  1. Groove to some couple’s dance lessons.

Ballroom dancing is one of the main activities in the country, so why not put your dancing shoes on and jive to the music? There are a lot of packages you can avail which lasts from few hours to even longer sessions. This is one way of self-discovery and a different kind of bonding between the two of you. You might be surprised how both of you can just be with the music.

Nowadays, there are other types of dances available besides ballroom. So you can also explore these and try out different kinds of grooves you and your partner might enjoy.

  1. Take a hike along St. John’s Island.

Get lost with your special someone on the trails of the island of St. John. You can bring your favourite food and some comfy blankets and have a simple picnic beside the greens.  Set up your picnic at a convenient place at the end of the trail and enjoy your food and some romantic time together.

If you want a unique time in Singapore, you can go out of your comfort zone and experience some unique offers this country has. You will surely have tons of priceless memories with your lover and a stronger bond and love for each other after this trip.[:]

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