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5 Life Lessons You Can Possibly Gain From Solo Travel

If you are reading this, you may have the intention to travel alone in the nearest future. Then, I welcome and salute you. Being alone can be terrifying to some, but traveling alone to an unfamiliar area can be nerve-wrecking.

Some of our fear are often involved with loneliness and helplessness which are legitimate emotion to experience. If you put your fear aside for a moment, then you can focus on some of the benefits you may gain from traveling solo. Here are some of the life lessons you can learn while traveling in an unfamiliar place:

  1. Solo Travel Made Me A Better Problem Solver

You are traveling alone and you are forced to face certain issue alone such as – you overslept and missed a flight, you have gotten lost, misplace your passport, or you made a mistake with your hotel reservation. Although it is recommended that you are as prepared as possible, sometimes you bound to make silly mistakes. Once you are faced with an issue, you are the only person that can and should resolve the issue.

  1. Traveling Alone Enhanced My Level of Self-Awareness

Your level of self-awareness should be heightened, especially when you are traveling alone. I always want to be aware of my surrounding for many reasons – in case of danger (let’s not get into it) or avoid getting lost.

At the same time, traveling alone is definitely less extreme than going to a silent retreat. You have time to reflect on your past and present while planning for your future.

  1. Eating Alone is Not a Big Deal 

Many TV shows have had made a big deal with a character eating alone by sitting them at the biggest table at the restaurant. The character would end up feeling awkward and uneasy. As a matter of act, it can be refreshing to dine alone. Without any outside distraction, it focuses you to focus on the meal you order and enjoy the glass of wine you pair your food with.

  1. Travel Solo Made Me Feel It’s okay to Be Selfish 

It’s okay to be selfish with or without traveling solo. Sometimes when you are traveling alone, there is no one to please but yourself. You can sleep or wake up whenever you choose. You have the freedom to travel anywhere you want. You are definitely free to do everything in your own pace.

  1. There is No Such Thing As Being Alone

You may not be traveling with anyone and physically, you are alone. When you are traveling, you are surrounded by people, buildings, or the history of the landmark. Each item has something for you to learn from so why not reach out and connect with it?

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