Things You Should Know About Typhoon Nina

Typhoon Nina
Typhoon Nina

Typhoon Nina

Things You Should Know About Typhoon Nina

A typhoon is said to be a regional name for a very strong type of storm or a tropical clone. Typhoons are created or formed in warm tropical waters, and they revolve about a centre commonly known as as an eye. They storm revolves round the eye till it is strong enough to cause a rather devastating damage to the environment.

The climate control unit of the US navy has named the Typhoon Nina, whose global name is Nock-Ten, a super typhoon on Sunday earlier than downgrading it right into a hurricane on Monday with winds of up to 148 kph (eighty knots) and gusts of as much as 185 kilo meter per hour on Monday morning.

On Sunday, the powerful typhoon made a landfall through Catanduanes, Bato, at 6:30 pm. After which it came across Sagñay, Camarines Sur at round 11:30pm. It made landfalls over a couple of areas in Batangas earlier than landing on Lubang Island.

This particular typhoon is said to be one of the to hit the Philippines seeing that storm Haiyan left more than 7,300 humans useless or missing and displaced over 5 million in 2014.

Experiences mentioned the climate situation on an essential vacation made it tricky for officers to get persons’s attention to heed the warnings. With many refusing to depart excessive-risk communities, some officials said they determined to carry out compelled evacuations.

Typhoons are very popular in the regions along the west North Pacific Ocean, the coast of Japan, the coast of China and the Philippines.

  Scientists have recently put study into the possibility that typhoons are occurring more often due to climate change; this would be a reasonable claim as the change in climate could lead to the warmth of the ocean thereby increasing the chances of a typhoon.

Some say climate change doesn’t affect the occurrence of typhoons, while others say climate change would only increase the effect of big typhoons thereby making them bigger.

On December 25th of 2016, a day commonly referred to as Christmas day a terrible super typhoon hit the Northern region of the Philippines. This sort of typhoon is referred to by the locals to be “Typhoon Nina” , its effect was quite devastating as it killed about 6 persons , and left a lot more injured.

The Typhoon Nina was accompanied with heavy wind, and high amount of rainfall. Power cables were cut off and even trees were pulled down.

The typhoon has left over 380,000 persons with no choice than to abandon their homes and seek refuge in safer places. There were several reported casualties and cases, one of which was a former  who died as a result of fallen tree, a couple was also said to have been killed by the early flood in the area. A lot more cases have been reported since the occurrence.

The Typhoon Nina was at the time reported to have reached a maximum wind speed of 186 kilometer per hour, and at the time it reach land, it had attained a wind speed of 226 kilometer per hour.

The wind was so strong that it brought than trees and power cables on its path. It weakened a bit as it approached the densely populated residential areas as it came down to about 140 kilo meters per hour.

It was said to have made another land fall at the camarines sur province where it weakened and reduced a little. When it got to the Island of Luzon, it was still fast and effective enough to cut off one of the major roads in the area, at that district.

Many people had thrown blamed towards the authorities in charge, with them saying the government should have made enough provisions prior to the disaster and to that effect the government has responded swiftly saying they actually did the needful by providing safe areas for camps prior to the tragedy. They said the Christmas celebration had affected them as it was the biggest celebration for the year, and very busy.

The Governor of the Camarines Sur Province, Miguel Villafuerte was said to have offered roasted pigs at the evacuation centers  in a bid to actually move the people to the areas of evacuation. He was also said to have tweeted to that effect.

Also in the Catanduanas Province, the deputy Governor in the person of Shirley Abandon had ordered Security to force residents out of their homes in a bid to get them to the evacuation centers.

The damage of the storm reviewed so far has been epic, especially in the rural areas where houses are built with wooden materials and their roofs are made of straws.

The State wеаthеr burеаu otherwise known as PAGASA was once stated to have additionally put up typhoon warnings for mоѕt аrеаѕ рrеvіоuѕlу аlеrtеd over the оnѕlаught of Tурhооn Nіnа; whісh roared over the rеgіоn and put a hault to the Christmas party.

At about 4pm advisory, PAGASA said Nina has lost much more force over land on Monday afternoon at 75 kilometers southwest of Subic, Olongapo. It moves west toward the South China Sea (West Philippine Sea) at a velocity of 20 kph.

The development has left a couple of final areas under sign No. 2 and No. 1, principally within the western section of Luzon. This came a number of hours after the hurricane made its eighth landfall over Lubang Island in Occidental Mindoro at 1 pm

Nina has come to be weaker but nonetheless fierce with a hurricane reputation at one hundred twenty kilometers per hour (120kph) near the core, and gusts of up to a hundred and eighty 128kph as of 5pm

Its been over 24  hours since the tragic Typhoon Nina struck and it has been noted to be the 7th of such incidents in the past 65 years, yes, typhoons has struck 7 times on Christmas day in the last 65 years and they have all left devastating effect.

The people especially the ones with the most damaged are left in shock, fears, tears and with a great burden to bear, as nobody will ever wish for such a tragic event and definitely not on a day of celebration, the memories of this tragic event will always remain in their hearts. The families and loved ones of the people who lost their lives in the incident have already fallen into grief.

The damage may take years to fix, and even a lot more years will pass before people will recover from this shock , but they must keep their faith and hope alive as they pray and wish for a better fortune in the future.

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