Top 3 Backpacking Destinations in the Philippines

[:en]If you are up for an exciting travel adventure here in the Philippines, why not try backpacking escapades? With the numerous islands, your list of places to visit will be endless. Just imagine island hopping while witnessing the different breathtaking views each island has to offer. Enjoying the theme of every island is absolutely the peak of your backpacking adventure.

The Philippines is the home to a wide variety of unique festivals and events, man-made and natural tourist spots as well as affordable and luxurious accommodations and food, plus hospitable and warm people. These are the reasons why the archipelago is deemed to be a backpacker’s paradise. Getting around is not as painstaking as you might be thinking. The improved public transportation and infrastructures, traveling has been made more convenient. The adventure will start as soon as you have your comfortable clothes and durable shoes on, a camera and few stashes on hand. A guide or a map will also come in handy.

  1. Laguna

Since Laguna is situated just a few hours from Metro Manila, it is one of the most ideal places to go for backpacking getaways. This southern province offers different thrilling and relaxing activities for every traveller. You can hike to the top of the famous Mount Makiling, shoot the rapids in Pagsanjan Falls, and swim at the various resorts in Pansol or shop for hand-made slippers in Liliw.

You can also take advantage of the other tourist attractions such as the Underground Cemetery located in Nagcarlan, the Makiling Botanical Garden found in Los Baños and the Rizal Shrine situated in Calamba. If you want to shop for local goods, you can head to Pakil and Lumban.

  1. Batangas

If you are into nature tripping, you can direct your backpacking adventure to the province of Batangas. With the close proximity to Manila, you can reach your destination in just a couple of hours. The province boasts its top-notch resorts as well as pristine beaches. When visiting Batangas, the Taal Volcano and Lake should be on the top of your itinerary. This natural beauty will leave you in awe because of the majestic view it offers. Guided tours are also available if you want to know more about Taal.

The province is also a best place for a pilgrimage tours. You can visit some of the oldest churches, like The San Juan Church and the San Martin de Tours Basilica. Finally, you should never miss out on the food offered by Batangas as it is popular for the “lechon” or roasted pig and “goto” or congee.

  1. Sagada

This municipality located in the Mountain Province is a delight to every backpacker. The rural setting of the place is sought by many travellers who are seeking for a unique adventure. Sagada brags its rich culture and tradition plus distinct attractions such as, the Hanging Coffins, which is a sacred burial place for the indigents. You shouldn’t also miss out the Echo Valley, Lumiang and Sumaguing Caves, Bokong Falls and Danum Lake. Coffee is the most notable product of the municipality, so you should also try the different varieties available.

Apart from the above-mentioned, there are still other places to visit for your backpacking adventures. Unique experiences plus rooms for self-discovery are the ultimate peak of your travel getaways.[:]

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