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Top 6 Viral Internet Challenges Gone Wrong (or Just Purely Stupid)

Salt and Ice Challenge

salt and ice challenge
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Hate to admit this but I can see why people had participated in this challenge. They may have thought it’s a lie (the combination of salt and ice can’t hurt you) or they are trying to prove how tough they are. Ultimately – PLEASE DO NOT DO IT.

What is the Salt and Ice Challenge? ‘Challengers’ tried to cause a burning sensation on their body by pouring salt on their bodies (possibly on their arm) before placing a piece of ice on the salt. The challengers will try to withstand the pain as long as they could.

Why is Salt and Water Dangerous? Participants were giving themselves a frostbite which could lead to permanent damage on your body. Again, PLEASE DON’T DO IT.

Cinnamon Challenge

cinnamon challenge
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It is not a prank where you sprinkle cinnamon on your friends’ food and both of you get a huge laugh afterwards. *disclaimer: please don’t ruin your friend’s food by sprinkling cinnamon on your friend’s food.

What is Cinnamon Challenge? Without drinking anything, the person has to swallow a spoonful of ground cinnamon in under a minute.

Why is Cinnamon Challenge Dangerous? It may sound harmless comparing to snorting condom, burn yourself with fire or chemical induced item, suck on a shot glass till it shatters or your lips bruise). The health risk comes with throat irritation, difficulty breathing, risk of pneumonia, or a collapsed lung.

Fire Challenge

fire challenge
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It is as bad as it sounds. Another dare challenge that was being filmed and uploaded onto YouTube.

What is a Fire Challenge? Another dare challenge a participant voluntarily applied flammable liquids onto their body before they set themselves on fire. No I am not kidding since another person would be tapping the challenge.

Why is Fire Challenge Dangerous? If you don’t understand why Fire Challenge is dangerous, then move away from the computer and talk to your parents.

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