Top Diving Spots in Philippines

[:en]The Philippines is a country of numerous islands. The approximately 7,000 islands comprising the country are surrounded by various bodies of water especially pristine beaches. Underneath these water treasures are an abundant stretch of coral reefs and marine life. So, diving in the perfect spots is a definite treat for travellers and tourists. Fortunately, there are different diving spots scattered around the country and few of the best are situated near Metro Manila.

  1. Batangas

Two and a half hours away from Manila, you can find one of the most tourist-friendly spots especially for new divers. Along the area, you can hire instructors who will help you know more about diving. The clear waters will give you a breathtaking view of the beauty underneath. The greens and the wide variety of marine activity will surely leave you in amazement.

  1. La Union

This place brags a long stretch of beaches and other water bodies; therefore, expect for a lot of diving spots in the area. One of the top destinations for tourists is the Hashi Maru, which is a Japanese ship that sank in the 1940s. However, this spot is recommended for divers who are already experienced in the activity because of the muddy and sandy conditions around, which affects the visibility. Divers can also explore the interior of the ship by digging in its hull. Furthermore, a 300-meter line of coral reefs are also present near the area, plus a rich number of fishes and other marine life.

  1. Puerto Galera

The beautiful harbour or Puerto Galera is a home to numerous beaches and coves. This place is one of the best escapes from the chaotic city life because mainly of the relaxation it could bring. The crystal clear water allows divers to witness a majestic view of the coral reefs and different species of fishes underwater. You can reach Puerto Galera through ferry boats from the various coastal towns and areas within Batangas.

  1. Subic Bay

If you want to have a bit of World War History while enjoying the breathtaking marine life, you might want to visit Subic Bay. It is considered as one of the favourite diving spots of travellers. You can have a view of the popular USS New York, a battle cruiser during the First World War, which sunk 85 feet below. On the other hand, the rich marine life includes lionfish, lobsters and stingrays.

One more attraction you can take advantage of when visiting Subic Bay is the Seaian Maru, which is a passenger ship that carried almost 2,000 American prisoners when it sank. Since, the location of this vessel is shallower as compared to others; you can also see tropical fishes like barracuda, clown fish and angel fish.

These are just some of the diving spots you can visit here in the Philippines. There are still numerous options if you want to explore the marine activity of the country. Some of the most beautiful diving spots are still hidden and waiting to be uncovered.[:]

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