What a beautiful country Scotland is

When my husband visited Glasgow for couple months for official trip,  I got chance to explore Scotland.

Scotland is undoubtedly one of the best holiday places in the world, it unique culture and history combined  with its origin  are huge factors that have gone a long way to promote the great region of Scotland. On this piece, I will be sharing with you my holiday experience whilst I visited Scotland.

Edinburgh Castle

On my early day at Scotland, I visited the famous Edinburgh Castle, which is a very popular fortress that has been in existence since the 13th century, and could be said to be one of the oldest national attraction sites to the country, I learnt that a lot of people travel to Scotland with the main aim of getting to see this structural monument. It is located on top of a basalt rock  ,from there you get to have a exquisite view of the rather beautiful city, you can only enter this fortress via a draw bridge from the Esplande, while going you will see bronze art works of their heroes past such as William Wallace and Robert the Bruce.

Next for me was the The Royal and Ancient Golf Club of St Andrews,this place is really amazing when it comes to old inventions, this club  claims ownership of inventions such as bicycles , steam engines and lots more. It is said to have been founded in 1750 and famous internationally as golf’s ruling body, St Andrews usually hosts the famous British Open at certainly one of its many 18-gap courses, the most famous of which is the par seventy two ancient course walking alongside the rugged coast. Worth traveling are the majestic historic Clubhouse and the British Golf Museum which documents the historical past of the “home of golf” from the core ages to the brand new.

Then it was the Isle of Arran ,it is for good reason that the lovely Isle of Arran is known as “Scotland in Miniature”. Only 166 square miles in size, Arran is a mirror image of the landscape found on the mainland. Like mainland Scotland, it boasts majestic mountains, moorland, sandy beaches, wildlife, castles, fishing harbors, great golf, and plenty of friendly people. It’s also easy to get to from Glasgow, less than an hour’s ferry ride away, and buses run regularly around the island. Although its highlights – including Brodick Castle and Goat Fell Mountain (2,866 ft) – can be visited in a day (including the ferry ride), try to allow at least a few days to explore this wonderful wee corner of Scotland.

Loch Lomond

We went to Loch Lomond ,  is a freshwater Scottish loch which crosses the Highland Boundary Fault. It is the largest inland stretch of water in Great Britain by surface area.

Isle of Skye

Lastly was the, Isle of Skye is The most important of Scotland’s inside of isles, Skye – recognized to the Vikings  or “Cloud Island” due to its heavy mists – is hugely standard amongst nature fans. Its wild, romantic mountain surroundings and inexperienced valleys, caves and appealing glens, quality waterfalls and sandy shores – all stuffed into an island simply 50 miles long and between four and 15 miles in width – make it absolutely appealing. Additionally to its deep inlets and quaint villages, the island is condo to the remains of primeval very well forests, as good as an abundance of flora and fauna together with otters, seals, and a few 200 species of birds. Attending to Skye is effortless, as it may be regarding the mainland through a bridge, despite the fact that ferries are still a pleasing substitute to use.

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