The ‘White House’ Mansion Of Ilo-Ilo Mayor Jed Patrick Mabilog


This palatial house sits on the banks of the Iloilo River, with a P90 million Esplanade built for its occupant by the government for the sake of “beautification”.

Its owner, City Mayor Jed Patrick Mabilog, has declared it to be worth only P3 million in his 2014 Statement of Assets, Liabilities and Net Worth. But architects and engineers estimate the value of this mansion to be in the range of P50-70 million, considering that its windows are the expensive Kenneth and Mock glass windows. The windows alone would be worth P7 million considering the size of the house, according to a wealthy friend who also has Kenneth and Mock windows installed on his house.

Now where did the money come from?

Mabilog said it came from his inheritance from his mother. That’s a blatant lie. His mother was never rich. That lot on which the mansion stands was donated to his mother by the Consing family for whom she had served as “mayor doma” for a long time. If you come to think of it, the property belongs to the family, and not to Jed alone.

Mabilog also points to the work of his wife, Marivic, in Canada. How much does an accountant earn in Canada? She is not even chief executive officer, and the company is small.

It’s time for Mabilog to reveal his sources of income to the people. Ilonggos have a right to know. Did he earn tens of millions of pesos from legitimate business? The Ombudsman says no. Where he got the fabulous sums of money is a mystery that even Sherlock Holmes might have difficulty figuring out. And if the money came from business, did Mabilog report the income to BIR or Kim Henares, and that he paid the right taxes?

So many questions. And yet not a single credible answer from Mabilog.


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Source: Manuel Boy Mejorada

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