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You Can’t Ignore These Dishes If You Are Filipino

Filipino dishes reflect simplicity while embodying burst of flavors within each ingredient. These meals oftentimes bring pleasure while cooking and of course eating. Authentic meals usually include seafood, meat, dairy products, vegetables and rice.

A Filipino meal is so diverse that it adapted various meals from different countries. For example, noodles are greatly influenced by the Chinese, meat as well as rice meals from Spaniards, fast food from Americans and spaghetti and other pasta dishes from the Italians. So, to give you an overview of the Filipino cuisine, here are five authentic Filipino meals you must try:

  1. Adobo

When speaking of genuine Filipino dish, the first thing that you must have is the ever-famous adobo. This is basically meat being simmered with the mixture of soy sauce with vinegar and/or calamansi juice. There is a little bit of salty, sweetness and sour flavors that your taste buds will enjoy. Today, numerous regions of the country have created their own versions of adobo, incorporating other ingredients to create a more complex meal.

  1. Igado

This well-known recipe, which originated from the Northern Philippines, is made out of the pig’s innards such as heart and liver, plus pork tenderloin. The exotic recipe is being enriched by the distinct salty and sweet taste of the sauce. Preparing this dish requires the ingredients to be totally clean using running water before cooking, in order to remove all the impurities. If you intend to use kidneys as well, you may need to soak it in salt water for about 10 minutes to reduce odor.

  1. Bulalo

The main ingredients for this soup dish are beef shanks as well as the beef marrows, which require cooking for several hours in order to achieve tender meat. The numerous seasonings can help achieve a sumptuous bulalo, such as fish sauce, garlic and bay leaves along with salt and pepper. Basically, this is considered as a cattleman’s stew being simmered in a large pot mixed with various vegetables. A lot of the small scale and large scale restaurants offer bulalo nowadays, especially on areas with cold climate.

  1. Dinengdeng

This stew from the Ilocos Regions is made out of mere vegetables, such as horseradish tree, jute leaves amaranth laves and tubers of sweet potato. This is a very simple dish as you can grow these leafy greens from the comforts of your backyard. With the added seasoning, paired with rice, this meal will make your lunch absolutely satisfying, making you feel the taste and aroma of province life.

  1. Pinakbet

Pinakbet is an indigenous vegetable dish that is truly loved by the Filipino people especially the elders. Vegetables like eggplant, bitter melon, lady’s finger, squash, string beans and chilli. These vegetables are steamed in shrimp or fish sauce for added taste. The simple menu is a representation of a basic life in the province as you can also grow these vegetables in your backyard.

These are just five of the numerous meals that would represent authentic Filipino cuisine. Various versions of such dishes are already present in the different provinces and regions in the Philippines. These local versions greatly represent their own local products.

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